30 Year Anniversary News


California Deathfest - Vomitory Cancelled

We are very sorry to confirm that we have to cancel our show at California Deathfest on July 27th. The issues we had entering the US ahead of Maryland Deathfest a few weeks ago are still lingering. So we're left with no other option than to cancel the show. It's out of our hands.


"Primal Massacre" & "Terrorizer Brutalize Sodomize" Re-Issues

The "Primal Massacre" and "Terrorize Brutalize Sodomize" re-issues are now out through Metal Blade Records. Get them, and the previous releases, at Kingsroad Merch.


Latin America Tour 2019

Latin America! We have great news for you, finally!


Canadian Tour 2019

We are very happy to finally announce that we're playing in Canada for the first time (and last?) in May!


Braincrusher In Hell 2019 Schedule

The running order for BRAINCRUSHER IN HELL FESTIVAL in Germany is now set. Vomitory is headlining Saturday 30th of March. Prost!

For festival info and tickets, please visit:


"Revelation Nausea" & "Blood Rapture" LP Reissue 2019

"Revelation Nausea" and "Blood Rapture" to be re-released by Metal Blade Records!

Blood Rapture:
- 180 g black vinyl
- Clear-lagoon blue marbled vinyl (ltd. 300 – EU-exclusive)
- Clear tropical-green/black marbled (ltd. 200 – EU-exclusive)
- Green/red splattered vinyl (ltd. 100 – EU-exclusive)
- Clear swamp green marbled (ltd. 200 – US-exclusive)

Revelation Nausea:
- 180 g black vinyl
- Orange brown marbled vinyl (ltd. 300 – EU-exclusive)
- Orange red marbled (ltd. 200 – EU-exclusive)
- Red orange white melt vinyl (ltd. 100 – EU-exclusive)
- Orange brown/black marbled (ltd. 200 – US-exclusive)

Pre-order your copies now from EMP or from the ebay-store.


Setembro Negro Festival 2019

Come to Brazil!

Ok then!

For festival info and tickets, please visit:


Rome 2019

Another Italian show has been added. July 5th in Rome!


Kaltenbach Open Air 2019 Schedule

The complete line-up and running order for KALTENBACH OPEN AIR are now set! Catch us on Thursday 22nd Aug at 21:00!

For festival info and tickets, please visit:


Interview with Absit Omen Webzine

Here's an interview Absit Omen Webzine did with Tobias Gustafsson recently.


"Raped In Their Own Blood" & "Redemption" CD & LP Reissue 2019

Our first two albums, "Raped In Their Own Blood" and "Redemption" will be re-released on both CD and vinyl by Metal Blade Records on January 11th - the day before our very first reunion show for 2019, at Meh-Suff! Winter Festival in Switzerland. That's a pretty good way to start the new year!

Pre-order your copies now from EMP or from the ebay-store.


California Deathfest 2019

Another US show added for 2019! We will play at California Death Fest in Los Angeles 27-28 July!

For festival info and tickets, please visit:


Hellfest 2019

HELLFEST 2019! We play Sunday June 23!

For festival info and tickets, please visit:


SWR Barroselas Metalfest 2019

We will play at SWR Barroselas Metalfest in Portugal, 26-28 April!

For festival info and tickets, please visit:


Royal Metal Fest 2019

As if the 70.000 tons cruise wasn't enough, we will also cruise the nordic waters with Sweden's #1 metal cruise in March, Close-Up båten!

For festival info and tickets, please visit:


Close-Up Festival 2019

As if the 70.000 tons cruise wasn't enough, we will also cruise the nordic waters with Sweden's #1 metal cruise in March, Close-Up båten!

For festival info and tickets, please visit:


Inferno Festival 2019 Schedule

The day to day schedule for INFERNO 2019 is now revealed. Vomitory plays on Friday 19 April.

For festival info and tickets, please visit:


Obscene Extreme 2019

OBSCENE EXTREME!!! Once again we return to Trutnov in Czech Republic to enjoy pure insanity!

For festival info and tickets, please visit:


Spain Tour 2019 Announced!

Spain 2019 tour announced!

14 March: Barcelona, Upload Club
15 March: Madrid, Sound Stage
16 March: Burgos, Sala Hangar
17 March: Palma de Mallorca, Factoria de So

Support: Hyban Draco


Meh Stuff Winter Festival 2019

Our first show in 2019! Meh Suff Winter Festival in Switzerland. What a way to start next year!

For festival info and tickets, please visit:


Metal Mean 2019

Another festival confirmed: Metal Méan Festival in Belgium!

For festival info and tickets, please visit:


Gamrocken 2019

We're now confirmed for Gamerocken 2019. See you there!

For festival info and tickets, please visit:


Maryland Deathfest XVII Timetable

Timetable for Maryland Deathfest XVII is now revealed.

Vomitory is headlining at Rams Head Live on Friday 24th of May!


South American Tour 2019

South America! Finally!!!

Dates and venues to be announced later. Stay tuned.


We Have Returned

Rehearsal have begun!


Kaltenbach Open Air 2019

We're now confirmed for Kaltenbach Open Air 2019. See you there!

For festival info and tickets, please visit:


70000 Tons Of Metal 2019

We're now confirmed for 70000 Tons Of Metal 2019. See you on the curise!

For festival info and tickets, please visit:


Party San Open Air 2019

A little early leakage from the festival page. We're confirmed for Party San Open Air 2019 in Germany!

For festival info and tickets, please visit:


Interview of our sound engineer

Check out this nice interview with our live soundman, longtime friend and dude extraordinaire Dieter Heavy-d Bossaerts on Metal Messiah Radio with Jet!

He talks about his life as a touring sound engineer, tour manager, his work with live- and stage production and whatnot. He also talks a bit about our upcoming road adventures together during next year!


Gothoom Open Air 2019

Vomitory is confirmed for Gothoom Open Air 2019 in Slovakia!

For festival and ticket info, please visit:


Limited Double CD SOLD OUT

The limited Raped/Redemption double-CD is now completely sold out!

This release was completely funded by the band itself, so we want to thank every one of you who bought it and supported us! Cheers!!!

The live-DVD from the 20th anniversary show in Karlstad, Sweden in 2009 is still available. Message for details. Thanks.


Spanish Tour 2019

We are coming for you in 2019!

Dates and venues will be announced soon.


R.I.P. Brett Hoffmann

We're devastated to know that our brother, Bret Hoffmann, lost his battle against cancer.

We had the honour to get to know this gentleman (and the rest of his band) during a month-long European tour with Malevolent Creation in September/October 2009. We instantly clicked with the whole band and had a killer time on the road together. Bret was a very humble and gentle man, which we all are proud to have known. It clearly comes across in some of the pics from that tour posted below.

Rest in peace, Bret. Only the good die young. Fuck the world.


Maryland Deathfest XVII

We will play our only US show next year at Maryland Deathfest, in Baltimore May 23-26!

For festival and ticket info, please visit:


Netherlands Deathfest IV

We are confirmed for Netherlands Deathfest 2019!

For festival and ticket info, please visit:


Fuck The Commerce XIII

Vomitory is confirmed for Fuck The Commerce XIII in Germany 2019!

For festival and ticket info, please visit:


One off show in Italy

We will play one exclusive Italian show in Milan on September 28th, 2019, at Slaughter Club!


Inferno Festival 2019

Vomitory is confirmed for Inferno 2019! Get your tickets at:


Interview with Metal Messiah Radio

Tonight at 9pm EST, tune in at Metal Messiah Radio where the drummer and founder Tobias Gustafsson talks about the band's 30 year anniversary


Interview with Swedish Radio P4

Guitarist and founder Urban Gustafsson recently talked on Swedish Radio P4 about the reunion (in Swedish only).

The interview starts at 2:06:20 into the show


Vomitory Merchandise 2018

The past week we've got A LOT of merch inquiries. Once we start rolling again in 2019 we will have some new and exclusive merch available. But for now, the only place where you can get official Vomitory merch is from our merch partner, Art-Worx.

The limited Raped In Their Own Blood/Redemption double-CD + live-DVD bundle is still available directly from us though. PM us here or email to


Heidelberg Deathfest 2019

We are confirmed for Heidelberg Deathfest 2019 in Germany!

For festival and ticket information, please visit blow:


Braincrusher In Hell

Thank you!! The positive response since our announcement last Thursday has been completely overwhelming! 2019 will be a busy year for us for sure!

We're happy to already now announce the first confirmed show: Braincrusher in Germany!

More shows will be announced soon!


Vomitory 1989 - 2019

For 24 years swedish death metal legends Vomitory laid waste to stages all over the world and released eight successful albums before laying down their arms in 2013.

In 2017 they reunited for one show to honor an old friend. The band had such a good time playing again that the thought of future battles together started to grow like a seed in blood drenched soil. 2019 will mark the 30:th anniversary of Vomitorys supreme death metal and prove to be the perfect year to celebrate by wreaking havok to stages all over the planet again. Death Metal Supremacy!

All booking is done exclusively by Ronny Frohner (



We still have some merch left, and we would love if you could help us to get rid of it. These are the last few items you will be able to get from us directly.

Check out the available listing in our Merch section!

Wholesalers and distros, please get in touch regarding the limited "Raped + Redemption" remastered double-CD + live-DVD.


VOMITORY 1989-2013

From the bottom of our worm infested death metal hearts:


We couldn't wish for a better farewell show than last Friday! It was perfect! Thanks to every single one of you came and showed your support and made this night something we will remember with great joy and pride for the rest of our lives!

Thanks to God Macabre, General Surgery, Tompa Lindberg, Johan Hegg, LG Petrov and Thomas Bergkvist for killer performances! It was a true honour to have you on stage with us!

We'd love to get as many pics and clips from last night as possible, so please send them to us on, for our private collection.


More Upcoming Gigs!

We are happy to announce that GENERAL SURGERY will be the second supporting band at our farewell show in Karlstad on December 27th!! Tickets are on sale now!


The Farewell Show - The last Vomitory show ever!

This final year in Vomitorys' existence is soon coming to an end. As we have announced earlier, there will be a farewell show and now we can finally make it official! A few more details will come later. So far, there has been a huge interest for this show, and we hope of course that as many of you - our dedicated fans - as possible can attend so we can hang out, party and say thank you for supporting Vomitory over the years!


Doors open: 21:00

Stagetime 22:00 - GOD MACABRE
First show in over twenty years for this legendary band, which will revive temporarily for a few selected shows during 2014.

Stagetime 23:00 - TBA
Another hand picked killer support band will be announced very soon!

Stagetime 00:15 - VOMITORY
The last Vomitory show ever! This will be a massive set with songs from all albums. There will also be some very special guests joining us on stage!

Tickets will be available soon through Ticnet, Tickster and Scalateatern in Karlstad.

Ticket price: TBA
18 years with pre-sale ticket.
20 years without pre-sale ticket, by the door.

There are lots of hotels in the area, many within walking distance or a short taxi ride.

Come party with us and be part of this little piece of history in death metal!


New Merchandise Available!

Some merchandise from the tour is now available at: Merchandise section of our website.

Check them out!


Closer To The End

Seems like it wouldn't hurt to remind you that Vomitory is splitting up by the end of 2013. A lot of fans have missed that info apparently. Here's our official statement from February 20th this year once again:

VOMITORY 1989 - 2013

After 24 years, eight albums and hundreds of live shows across 30 countries, we have finally come to the end of the road. We in the band -Tobias, Urban, Erik and Peter - have made the collective decision to end Vomitory by the end of 2013. It has been a blast on all accounts, but all good things come to to an end, and for Vomitory it is now.

We're currently planning a final farewell show in Karlstad, Sweden by the end of December. More info will come soon.


Last NL Show Ever!


Last Stockholm Show Is Coming Soon!



We are sorry to inform that the planned US tour in September is no longer happening due to unforseen circumstances


Brutal X'mas Part 2 - Live in Japan!

Ending the year in Japan! These will be some our last shows ever!

  • 2013.12.17 - Brutal X'mas Part 2 - Sendai, Japan
  • 2013.12.18 - Brutal X'mas Part 2 - Osaka, Japan
  • 2013.12.19 - Brutal X'mas Part 2 - Fukuoka, Japan
  • 2013.12.20 - Brutal X'mas Part 2 - Hiroshima, Japan
  • 2013.12.21 - Brutal X'mas Part 2 - Shizuoka, Japan
  • 2013.12.22 - Brutal X'mas Part 2 - Tokyo, Japan


Brutal Assault 2013

New show confirmed for Brutal Assault 2013


More up-coming shows!

Thank you so far those who have paticipated in the last a few bunch of shows!

We're not done yet, here are some more!

Check out the event information below:


Essen Death Fest


Sweden Rock 2013

Vomitory is playing at Sweden Rock Festival 5-8 of June!


Vomitory 1989 - 2013

After 24 years, eight albums and hundreds of live shows across 30 countries, we have finally come to the end of the road. We in the band - Tobias, Urban, Erik and Peter - have made the collective decision to end Vomitory by the end of 2013. It has been a blast on all accounts, but all good things come to to an end, and for Vomitory it is now.

We will still play as many shows as possible during 2013, and we hope to see as many of you fans as possible there, so we can thank you for your true support during all these years!


Exclusive Vinyl Release!

"Revelation Nausea" and "Blood Rapture" will be released for the very first time on vinyl!

Release date: 22 March 2013, through Cyclone Empire Records; they will be strictly limited to 500 copies each (180 coloured vinyl), gatefold cover and artwork poster.



Due to irresponsible and unprofessional behaviour from Club Sick, we have to cancel our show in Odense, Denmark on February 1st, 2013.

We are sorry for this.


It's been a while since our last news update at, but we have been quite active during the summer nonetheless. We experienced two absolutely fantastic shows at Hellfest, France in June and at Obscene Extreme in the Czech Republic. Thanks to every single one of you who attended and gave us your massive support! And a huge thanks n' cheers goes out to superheroes Danny Tunker and Anders Bertilsson for filling in for Peter Östlund on these two shows!

More shows have been added to our autumn schedule, including Gothenburg/Sweden which we haven't played since 2005, a short tour in Norway (playing Bergen and Trondheim for the very first time) and our first show ever in Greece! Finally!

Rehearsals for these shows have begun (with Peter back again), and there are some old classics that we haven't played for quite some time, that we're bringing back into our live set again. Hope you will enjoy them as much as we do!

During the last couple of months, we have also been writing occationally. A few new songs are shaping up now, and it feels great to have taken some first small steps towards a new Vomitory album. No plans on when to record and release it have been made yet though.


Regarding the up-coming shows

Due to family commitments, lead guitarist Peter Östlund will sit out on some of the upcoming shows. So therefore, we have recruited our dear friends Danny Tunker (ex-God Dethroned, ex-Prostitute Disfigurement) and Anders Bertilsson (Coldworker) to step in for Peter.

  • 11 May - Kulturhuset, Örebro SWE (supporting Nasum) - with Anders Bertilsson
  • 15 June - Hellfest, FRA - with Danny Tunker
  • 13 July - Obscene Extreme, CZ - with Anders Bertilsson

All other confirmed shows will be done with the ordinary Vomitory line-up.


Obscene Extreme 2012

New festival is confirmed, lined up with bands as Nasum, Exhumed, Krisiun, Asphyx, Discharge, Wormrot, Origin, Poison Idea and more!

July 11 - 14, 2012
TRUTNOV - Battlefield
Czech republic
69 bands in 3 insane days + Freak fest

Obscene Extreme 2012


More official merchandise

Official Vomitory shirts are now available from our new merchandise partner, Art-Worx:

Art-Worx Dec 2011


Limited release : Double Re-mastered CD & Live DVD available now!

Double Re-Mastered CD & Live DVD

The merch section is now updated with the leftovers from the European tour, as well as the re-release of our first two albums "Raped In Their Own Blood" and "Redemption" as limited remastered double-CD (including bonus live-DVD!!).


Two festivals confirmed

We have two festivals confirmed for next summer:

  • 2012.06.15 Hellfest - France
  • 2012.07.13 Obscene Extreme - Czech Republic

More festival dates will be announced soon!


Limited release : Double Re-Mastered CD & Live DVD

Finally, the two first album are now available again - remastered! And if that wasn't enough, a live DVD is also available. These two items will initially only be available at the shows on the European tour that starts tomorrow in Essen/Germany.

Information on how to order the remaining copies comes in late November, so please come back and check!

Double Re-Mastered CD & Live DVD


New Merchandise Available

New t-shirt available with a front design by a killer Japanese artist Toshihiro Egawa. T-shirt brand is Gildan Heavy Cotton; printed by Helloil from Sweden.

From The Fiery Pits Of Hell They Rise tshirt (front)


Additional gigs added


No End To Suffering Tour 2011

Finally FINALLY we can go official with this! We are happy to announce this European tour to support our new album, Opus Mortis VII. Vomitory is headlining and the supports are PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT (NL) and SOLACE OF REQUIEM (US).

No End To Suffering tour 2011

  • 2011.10.28 - GER, Essen, Turock
  • 2011.10.29 - NL, Steenwijk, Braindead Festival @ de Buze
  • 2011.10.30 - NL, Roermond, De Azijnfabriek
  • 2011.10.31 - GER, Osnabrück, Bastard Club
  • 2011.11.01 - GER, Hamburg, Marx
  • 2011.11.02 - GER, Oldenburg, Amadeus
  • 2011.11.03 - GER, Berlin, K 17
  • 2011.11.04 - GER, Bischofswerda, East Club
  • 2011.11.05 - GER, Bamberg, Live Club & Bar
  • 2011.11.06 - CZ, Prague, Matrix Club
  • 2011.11.07 - CZ, Brno, Faval Music Circus
  • 2011.11.08 - SLV, Bratislava, Randal Club
  • 2011.11.09 - AT, Wien, Escape Metal Corner
  • 2011.11.10 - SLOW, Ljubljana, Channel Zero
  • 2011.11.11 - IT, Rome, Traffic
  • 2011.11.12 - IT, Bari, Target club
  • 2011.11.13 - IT, Marciano Della Chiana (Arezzo), Brujeria Club
  • 2011.11.14 - IT, San Donà di Piave (Venezia), Revolver
  • 2011.11.15 - GER, Lahr, Universal Dog
  • 2011.11.16 - GER, Darmstadt, Steinbruch Theater
  • 2011.11.17 - FRA, Paris, Glazart
  • 2011.11.18 - FRA, Valenciennes, LA peniche igelrock
  • 2011.11.19 - CH, Zizers, Eventstage
  • 2011.11.20 - BEL, Louvain-la-Neuve Mass, Destruction Festival


Tobias Gustafsson featured in Sick Drummer Magazine!

Check out the free online issue by clicking HERE featuring the interview with Vomitory drummer Tobias starting on page 26.

Also, in the Sick Drummer section called "Killer Kits", Tobias' drum kit and other equipment he used on the new Vomitory album "Opus Mortis VIII" are listed, as well as some comments on the recording of the drum tracks. Click HERE to get there.


New festival confirmed

This will be our first ever visit to Ukraine, so we're very excited and we're sure it will be something worth to remember!


Download "Regorge In The Morgue" video

Now the music video "Regorge In The Morgue" is downloadable from Media section in either HD, or Normal size depending on your preference.



"Opus Mortis VIII" available now from Merch

Now, the latest album "Opus Mortis VIII" is available from our merchandise section.

The only copies we have are the limited digipak edition; this includes four bonus tracks. Don't miss out the chance!


"Opus Mortis VIII" & New Website out now!

Today, the eighth Vomitory album "OPUS MORTIS VIII" is being released in Europe, North America and Australia through Metal Blade Records!

Opus Mortis VIII artwork

Today we also launch the new version of, made by Ensamvarg Design. Enjoy!

Ensamvarg Design

Remember to join us on facebook! : Vomitory (official) | Ensamvarg Design

Finally, the video for "Regorge In The Morgue" off the new album is out now! The video will be downloadable from this website in a week time or so!


More merchandise available!

More merchandise have been added to merch section -- check them out!


Shooting video for "Regorge" on March 19th

On Saturday we will shoot our first proper video ever (!) in Arvika/Sweden (Erik's hometown). We have hired Some Kind Of Bear Media from Uddevalla/Sweden to do the job for us. The song we're shooting for is the opener, "Regorge in the Morgue", from the upcoming new album. The shooting location is in an abandoned dairy factory, so the big stainless doors, the tiled walls and floors are perfect for "the morgue"!

We plan to have it finished in time for the release of the new album. We will try to take some pictures for you to tease you with, if we have the time... It is a tight schedule for sure.


"Regorge In The Morgue" available for streaming!

Metal Blade Records has launched a landing page where the opening track "Regorge In The Morgue" off our up-coming album "Opus Mortis VIII" is available for streaming.

Click here to get here, if the above doesn't work!

You can also pre-order the new album from there!

Also we now have an official facebook page; become a fan at


New album details revealed!

We now reveal the front art and track listing for their long-anticipated eighth studio album Opus Mortis VIII!

Produced, engineered and mixed by Rikard Löfgren in his own Leon music studios, Opus Mortis VIII proves to be the best sounding VOMITORY album ever!

Tobias: "Opus Mortis VIII is our eighth album (no shit!) - our eighth Opus of Death. And I dare to say that this is one of the strongest albums we've done, and it most certainly has the most powerful production we've ever had on any album, hands down. For the third time, we worked with Rikard Löfgren in his Leon Music Studios. We raised the bar quite a few notches in the studio - both production-wise and performance-wise, and we couldn't be happier with the result. We are not breaking new death metal ground with this album - that was never Vomitorys' mission - but Opus Mortis VIII offers diversity and dynamics that you haven't quite heard from Vomitory before. Still, this is a very intense and aggressive album in the true Vomitory tradition - all the essential signature details are there. Once you hear the opening track, "Regorge In The Morgue", you will need no further proof of that!"

Opus Mortis VIII artwork

Opus Mortis VIII will be released their 23rd/26th of April, 2011 via Metal Blade Records in Europe! The limited first edition will be a Digipak featuring four exclusive bonus tracks. Those tracks are re-recorded versions of songs taken off the first two VOMITORY albums.


  • 1. Regorge In The Morgue
  • 2. Bloodstained
  • 3. They Will Burn
  • 4. The Dead Awaken
  • 5. Hate In A Time Of War
  • 6. Torturous Ingenious
  • 7. Forever Damned
  • 8. Shrouded In Darkness
  • 9. Combat Psychosis
  • 10. Requiem For The Fallen

Bonus tracks:

  • 11. Nervegasclouds 2011
  • 12. Raped In Their Own Blood 2011
  • 13. Redemption 2011
  • 14. The Voyage 2011


Carnage Over Finland - Mini Tour

This time it's Finland and that feels great, since we have never ever played there.

Carnage Over Finland - mini tour (support: Torture Killer and Atretic Intestine)

  • 23 March: Klubi - Turku, FIN
  • 24 March: Yo-talo - Tampere, FIN
  • 25 March: Club Prkl - Helsinki, FIN
  • 26 March: Rentukka - Jyväskylä, FIN

Carnage Over Finland flyer


Eighth album complete!


Last Sunday we completed the work on the eighth Vomitory album that we have entitled: OPUS MORTIS VIII

It's our eighth musical work of death, so we think it's a very fitting title + we have some nice things going on artwork-wise.

Producer and studio owner Rikard Löfgren has done a tremendous job to get the best sounding Vomitory album to date - no competition! We are so fucking happy with the result. The production is absolutely top-notch and the material offers diversity and dynamics that you haven't quite heard from Vomitory before. You will get 14 songs altogether (10 brand new songs + 4 bonus tracks). Opus Mortis VIII will be released through Metal Blade Records in April.

/Tobias Gustafsson


Recording for the new album has started!

On Sunday the 14th, we began the recording of the eighth Vomitory full length album at Leon Music Studios outside Karlstad in Sweden. Just like on our two preivous albums, Rikard Löngfgren is engineering and co-producing the album. We will be finished by mid December and the album is planned for an April 2011 release through Metal Blade Records. The album title is set but won't get official until we're done with the recording.

There is a studio diary at the official Vomitory forum at Global Domination. Click HERE to get there. There you will get updates on the progress in the studio, pictures, video clips etc.


Festivals in 2011

We already have two festivals confirmed for 2011, and there are more in the works as I type. We're planning on doing a bunch of more festivals and one or maybe two tours next year to promote the 8th Vomitory album which will be out in April 2011.

It's been a while since the last update here, sorry for that. We've been busy mainly with working on the new material for the new album, which we will start recording in a couple of weeks from now. Drummer Tobias Gustafsson recently went through surgery and are recovering well, and will be fit enough when it's time to start recording. Because of this, we have also rehearsed with the stand-in drummer - Emil Wiksten from Blood Red Throne - for tonight's show together with Unleashed in Karlstad/Sweden.

The new album, which is yet untitled, will follow the same path as our two previous albums, "Terrorize Brutalize Sodomize" and "Carnage Euphoria". It will be recorded, mixed and mastered at Leon Music Studios by Rikard Löfgren. The album is planned for an April release through Metal Blade Records (Europe).


Tobias sits out on Vomitory / Unleashed show

"Unfortunately, I'm forced to sit out on the show we're doing together with Unleashed on October 29th in Karlstad/Sweden. This is because I will undergo back surgery one week earlier. I'm having a herniated disc that has caused me chronical pain in the sciatic nerve in my left leg for two fucking years, and now I will finally get it fixed!

My temporary replacement is Emil Wiksten, the drummer of Blood Red Throne. Emil has already started learning the songs and the guys will start rehearsing together soon.

Even though I'm not able to play this show, the recording of the new album will run just according to plan. The recorvery time for this kind of surgery is relatively short, and in consultation with my doctor, this should not be a problem, although I have to be very careful. Recording starts on November 9th at Leon Music Studios."

/Tobias Gustafsson


New cover song available on MySpace!

Since spring 2005 (!) we have had this little piece of brutality laying in our digital drawer, and we admit it's a shame it hasn't seen the light of day until now! This version of "Mass Appeal Madness" was recorded for a Napalm Death tribute album that never saw the light of day. With this song, we want to give you fans something exclusive but also salute one of the most influential bands for Vomitory - ever since 1989 to present day.

Recorded @ Speedball studios, Karlstad/Sweden in April 2005,
Engineered by Johan Carlsson,
Mixed by Henrik Larsson in Malmö/Sweden a few weeks later

Click here to listen!


One more show just got official:

  • October 29th: Vomitory + Unleashed @ Metal Clüb/Nöjesfabriken, Karlstad, SWE

A few words from the drummer, Tobbias Gustafsson

"This will be the first time ever we'll share the stage with the legendary Unleashed, so we are of course very excited about this! Unleashed was a big source of inspiration in the early days of Vomitory, so this is something we've been waiting for. Be prepared for a special night! And since this show is just a few days before we enter the studio to record the new album, there is a chance we might play a new song exclusively that night!"

Tickets are available from : Tickster & Metal Clüb


New shows confirmed!

  • May 1st: SWR Barroselas Metalfest XIII, Barroselas, Portugal
  • May 29th: Viksholmsfestivalen - Arvika, Sweden


Re-launch of!

A re-designed has now been launched!

Nothing really new on the site, but what's new is that our Global Domination friend Maverick and Ensamvarg Design is now our webmaster and also responsible for the new design. Not much has happened at the official Vomitory website since mid-2009, but now we think it will definitely be for the better when Maverick is pulling the strings.

Your comments are welcome!

/Tobias Gustafsson


Spring 2010 update

It's been ages since the last update here. Sorry for that, boys n' girls. But it has its reasons, and partly it's because we've taken it pretty easy in the Vomitory camp since we came back from our successful European tour with Malevolent Creation in September last year, and an overall very busy 2009. Also, this website is being re-designed by Ensamvarg Design (, which also will be our new webmaster, once the new site is launched.

Two new shows have been confirmed so far:

  • March 31: Inferno Festival - Oslo/Norway
  • May 1: SWR Barroselas Festival XIII - Barroselas/Portugal (the first Vomitory show in Portugal!)

We are currently working on new material for the next Vomitory album, and so far we have two songs finished. We plan to enter Leon Music Studios in November to record the 8th, yet untitled, Vomitory album.

Official Vomitory merchandise can be purchased from our merchandise partner, In Ur Face ( There you find a couple of the designs that were available at our recent European tour.

Head over to the official Vomitory forum at to keep track of the writing process, small news, ask questions to the band members etc. That's where the main action takes place.

Stay tuned,

/Tobias Gustafsson


Final European tourdates

Here are the final tour dates on the upcoming European tour with Malevolent Creation (US), Ditchcreeper (UK(04.09-16.09)) and The Modern Age Slavery (IT(17.09-03.10)). Hope to see you all there!


  • 04.09. Bischofswerda, GER - East Club / Morbide Festspiele
  • 05.09. Leipzig, GER - Hellraiser
  • 06.09. Rotterdam, GER - Baroeg
  • 07.09. Leeuwarden, NL - Romein
  • 08.09. Niederkrüchten, GER - Pitch Black
  • 09.09. Eeklo, BE - De Lochtink
  • 10.09. Limoges, FR - La Fourmi
  • 11.09. Durango, ESP - Kafe Antzokia
  • 12.09. Madrid, ESP - Caracol
  • 13.09. Almeria, ESP - Jala Jala
  • 14.09. Valencia, ESP - Durango
  • 15.09. Barcelona, ESP - Mephisto Club
  • 16.09. Marseille, FRA - Luynes
  • 17.09. Parma, IT - Arci Q
  • 18.09. Cervia, IT - Rock Planet
  • 19.09. Bari, IT - New Demodé Club / Total Metal Fest
  • 20.09. Rome, IT - I.N.I.T.
  • 21.09. Ljubljana, SI - Gala Hala
  • 22.09. Vienna, AT - Escape
  • 23.09. Krakow, PL - Loch Ness
  • 24.09. Prague, CZ - Exit
  • 25.09. Ingolstadt, GER - Ohrakel
  • 26.09. Erstfeld, CH - Transilvania Live Club
  • 27.09. Darmstadt, GER - Steinbruch Theater
  • 28.09. Flensburg, GER - Roxy
  • 29.09. Aarhus, DK - Voxhall
  • 30.09. Hamburg, GER - Marx
  • 01.10. Berlin, GER - K17
  • 02.10. Oberhausen, GER - Turbinenhalle / Death Feast Ultimate
  • 03.10. Lichtenfels, GER - Stadthalle / Way Of Darkness Festival


Release Party

Oh yes! It's time to celebrate our 20 years of drunk death metal madness as well as the release of our brand new, seventh album!!

It will all take place at Nöjesfabriken in Karlstad/Sweden, Friday 29th of May.

Special headline guests for this night are no other than our friends DARK FUNERAL! We will also have a couple of special guests on stage during our show, namely our previous vocalists - Ronnie "Ripper" Olson and Jussi Linna - who will do a couple of oldies with us on stage! More special things will happen during this Evening of Metal!

More information here and here!


Carnage Euphoria front cover

The cover artwork for CARNAGE EUPHORIA is now official! It's done by Killustrations, and we're really happy with it. Very death fucken metal! We've been a fan of Killustrations for years and it's great to now work with him (Björn is the guy's name) with this album...

Carnage Euphoria artwork


Carnage Euphoria

Today starts the recording of Vomitory's 7th album, entitled CARNAGE EUPHORIA. Ten songs of relentless death metal will be immortalized at Leon Music Studios in Karlstad/Sweden, with studio owner Rikard Löfgren in the engineer/producer seat. A studio diary is up and running at the official Vomitory forum. No registration is required. Click HERE to get there.

Up-coming Gigs

  • 2019.07.04 - Obscene Extreme Festival, Trutnov, Czech Republic
  • 2019.07.05 - FukSia, Rome, Italy
  • 2019.07.19 - Gothoom Open Air 2019, Nová Baňa, Slovakia
  • 2019.08.10 - Party San Open Air, Obermehler, Germany
  • 2019.08.17 - Metal Mean Festival, Sur Hodemont, Belgium
  • 2019.08.22 - Kaltenbach Open Air, Summering, Austria
  • 2019.09.05 - Blondie, Santiago, Chile
  • 2019.09.06-08 - Septembro Negro Festival, São Paulo, Brazil
  • 2019.09.12 - C.C.Festiva, Lima, Peru
  • 2019.09.13 - Sala Bombay, Medellin, Colombia
  • 2019.09.14 - Ace Of Spades, Bogota, Colombia
  • 2019.09.17 - Foro Anexo Independencia, Guadalajara, Mexico
  • 2019.09.20 - Bunker, San Luis De Potosi, Mexico
  • 2019.09.21 - Noisy, Queretaro, Mexico
  • 2019.09.22 - Foro Budlight, Ciudad De Mexico
  • 2019.09.28 - Slaughter Club, Milan, Italy

"Opus Mortis VIII"

Opus Mortis VIII out now!

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